I could not have picked a better place for this time of my life

Hey you! What passion did God put inside of you that is just waiting to come out and be expressed in multiple ways? I’ve long dreamed of spending some extended time in the States (again). (I am from Germany but I always loved North America.) Little did I know what I’ve gotten myself into when I first came to Awake. My plans were to be a part of a bigger Christian social organisation that helps people in need, not a coffee shop. I wanted to go to the west of the United States, not to the east. In short, my plans did not work out the way I imagined them to… however, God’s plan worked out perfectly. Him knowing my heart and my desires, . Coming from a different country, life has not been super easy in the U.S. Nonetheless, I can see why people are drawn to this place, to the people, to Awake, because you can see God’s love in action within this community! I’ve met people there that are so passionate for Jesus and to build His kingdom, it’s beautifully contagious.

My passion is to help people in need in a practical way, however that will look like. Awake has giving me the chance of living that out and encouraging me to just go for it. It awakened my desire to further pursue that. Even though, I am a rather reserved and introverted person, through Awake I have learned to come out and approach people boldly. Awake had and still has a huge impact in my life and I believe I am kind of stuck with them in the best way possible! Awake will always be a part of me however that will look like!

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