They’ve not only created a community, but a home…

I remember when I found Awake two years ago. I had just moved to the area and I was in search for a space where I could quietly work. So when I typed in ‘coffee shops near me’ I was thrilled to see it was only a short distance away. I was hoping it was a space where I would encounter peace and quiet, but I found so much more… community.

As an introvert and a recovering striver, I wasn’t looking to build any relationships. I just wanted to sit in isolation as I tackled my to-do list, but from the moment I arrived I was welcomed with not just service, but love. The service and love given by the team compels me to come back every time with expectation. Expecting that I will be loved, served, and encounter the presence of God.They’ve not only created a community, but a home I can come back to that is filled with love, service, and prayer. And of course the coffee helps too!

I’m Janelle Brown, and this is my story..

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